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Mortek was founded in 2002 in order to bridge the gap between large technology vendors' standards and the small to medium Servicers, Attorney Firms, and Non-Technology Vendors' software and data formats. Mortek has been extremely successful in bridging that gap and at the same time solving our customers' other core IT needs in a way that only a small, flexible software firm can do.

Our developers use a wide array of tools to build the perfect solution for our clients. Ranging from NodeJS to .NET5.0 for API development, MongoDB to MS SQL for Database development, ReactJS to HTML/CSS for web development, AWS to Azure for cloud platforms, we have the ability to make your software dreams Reality!

Latest News

Mortek rolls out its completely redesigned website.

Services Overview

  • Custom software development
  • Client-centric integrations and installations
  • Website development
  • Software training
  • Workflow consulting

Our Mission

Mortek's mission is to make software integration easy. Whether it is with one of our own software products or between two unrelated vendors' products, Mortek can make integration, implementation, and transition as simple as possible. We'll work with you on your projects until you are happy.


our services

Services List

  • Mortek Workflow Sales and Support
  • Custom Software Development
  • Cloud Architecture and Design
  • Client-Centric Integrations and Installations
  • Website Development
  • Software Training
  • Workflow Consulting

Available Services

Mortek is the premier third-party support provider for Aspen Workflow. We've done more installations and provided support to more Aspen Workflow clients than any other company outside of Aspen Grove, Inc. We've collaborated with Aspen Grove for a decade and we're still going strong! Need support, upgrades or maintenance help? Give us a call!
Our programmers specialize in connectivity. If you want your web app to talk to your Windows app, we can help with that. If you want to send data to iClear, NewTrak or NetDirector, our programmers have experience with it. We've worked with Microsoft SQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, MongoDB, and even Microsoft Access databases. We can connect to your data source.
What is your website? Whether it's internal or public-facing, your site is your online first impression. Let our designers help make your site a place people want to trust and use. We'll work with you and your staff to design a website that you and your employees are proud of.
Talk to us about other services we provide, including website hosting, software training, security auditing, network administration and more!

Client List

Contact us for a list of client references and/or testimonials. We hope that you'll appreciate that we take our clients' confidentiality seriously.

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Sherman Gore, Founder

Mortek, LLC
Austin, TX 78748.
Telephone: 1 512 240 2827
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Support department.
Telephone: 1 512 240 2827
Fax: 1 714 470 1750

Our Location

We are located in Austin, Texas. Right in the heart of Texas Hill Country.